Scope of the Conference

The present Conference, jointly organized by the University of Patras and the International Center for Science and Hellenic Values, is the continuation of the First International Conference, title, “Ancient Greece and the Modern World”, Ancient Olympia, 28-31 August 2016, where the influence of ancient Greek Philosophy, Science and Technology on the respective modern disciplines was investigated. In the same context, the Conference aims at the investigation of the dramatic changes most rapidly occurring on the face of our planet, which, according to the practically unanimous opinion of the scientific community, have become critical in the sense that they possibly may lead life on earth to total extinction in finite time. Besides overpopulation, social inequality, the effects of globalization, all kinds of wars etc., the obvious inability of Man to conceive his direct relationship with the environment which has enabled this uncontrollable way to final destruction. However, a search in the ancient Greek bibliography reveals that the relation between Man and natural environment with reference to the human nature was in depth searched at the time and the first rules of ecological ethics were formulated. Accordingly, humanity must take the necessary measures in order to inhibit, or even reverse, the process of environmental degradation and ensure survival of life on earth.
The Conference is strongly interdisciplinary, therefore, specialists and researchers from every field of knowledge are invited to submit high quality original and unpublished works in the following areas:
(a) Investigation and assessment of the current situation of planet’s ecosystem, factors encum-bering the environment (climatic change, land, water and air pollution, sea and oceanic pollu-tion, effects on human health, genetic and mental problems, waste management etc.), hazards resulting and predictions for future developments. Specific problems of Greece.
(b) Human values, Ecological conscience and Bioethics from the Greek antiquity till nowadays. Human nature and the position of Man in the ecosystem. Man as a cell of the planet.
(c) Pedagogics and Law for the protection of the environment from antiquity till present.
(d) Freedom and Democracy as related with environmental protection
(e) Human brain and environment- Environmental Εpigenetics.
(f) Strategies suggested along with measures of alleviating or even inverting the adverse effects of environmental degradation.